Hot dog Mac and cheese. :) has been a while since I’ve cooked something.

Hot dog Mac and cheese. :) has been a while since I’ve cooked something.

Entrepreneurship: How can I spend my $35 to get the best return on investment?

Answer by Marc Khoury:

I read an article awhile back about a Stanford MBA class. The students were split up into teams. Each team was given some nominal amount of money, $5-10, and told to make as much money as possible in one week. At the end of the week each team would give a 10 minute presentation to the class about their approach.

Some teams went out and gambled, buying lottery tickets or playing slot machines. After all, $5 was such a small amount that many students couldn’t fathom how you could effectively turn it into anything more.

The students that did the best however realized that the $5 was meaningless. The point of the assignment was to identify what skills and resources you have available if you had to start from nothing.

One of the better teams sold restaurant reservations. They’d make reservations at the most popular restaurants in the area and would sell them to people waiting in line. They found that people were also willing to just give away their worse reservation after purchasing a better one, which they could later sell when it became more valuable. 

You shouldn’t be asking yourself what is the best way to invest $35. It’s such a small amount of money that it’s almost meaningless. Instead ask yourself what skills and ideas do you have that people would be willing to pay for.

The team that won sold the 10 minute presentation slot to a small company. After all, what’s more valuable than 10 minutes in front of Stanford’s best and brightest MBA students.
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#vscocam ironing my birthday shirt. Courtesy of @steven028

#vscocam ironing my birthday shirt. Courtesy of @steven028

Track inspection #vscocam

Track inspection #vscocam


Allah Calligraphy

Subhanallah. Loving this.

Would love to hear the vinyl edition. I’ve heard this album at least 20x in full. Magical stuff. 

Would love to hear the vinyl edition. I’ve heard this album at least 20x in full. Magical stuff. 


I love Frank Ocean, but SoMo makes all his remakes sound better than originals.

Wow, this is just mesmerizing. 

Playing Flappy Bird is like fixing an unfixable drawer pull, one that will never reattach correctly, one that you know will never do, but persisting in the face of such torpor nevertheless. Flappy Bird is a condition of the universe, even if it is one that didn’t exist until it was hand-crafted by a young Vietnamese man who doesn’t want to talk about it. A condition in the sense of a circumstance, but also in the sense of a blight, a sickness, a stain we cannot scrub out but may in time be willing to accept. A stain like our own miserable, tiny existences as players, which we nevertheless believe are more fundamental than the existence of bird flapping games or machine screws or the cold fog rising against the melting snow in the morning. Because the game cares so little for your experience of it, you find yourself ever more devoted to it.
Ian Bogost (via kenyatta)

(via kenyatta)


Astrology calendar

Gorgeous layout and concept.


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