Tomorrow Is Our Permanent Address
Convention House, Leeds, UK 2019

Devised and curated by Marion Harrison
Commissioned by East Street Arts
Words – Derek Horton
Photo Credits – Jules Lister
Website Design – Erik Winterburn/Studio Volk
Audio – Baile Beyai and Stuart Mellor

This project aimed to critically, practically and technically test the potential scope of this new space through innovative, idiosyncratic, exploratory and inventive uses and implementation of technology, digital material, image, construction, words, systems, encounter and group learning.

--tomorrow is our permanent address and there they'll scarcely find us (if they do, we'll move away still further): into now
— E.E. Cummings – all ignorance toboggans into know. (1944)

Words – How will anyone know what is happening?

Convention House

Convention House is situated in Mabgate, Leeds. Formerly a convent and then used as an accountants for the last 37 years, this Victorian large-scale terraced building has recently been redeveloped into a unique creative space by East Street Arts.

Words – What makes a creative space?

︎ Laura Grace Ford

︎ Alex De Little

︎ Sophie & Kerri

︎ Marion Harrison & Stuart Mellor

︎ Jake Krushell & Alfie Kungu

︎ Marnie Simpson

︎ John Orlek

︎ Ben Dalton

︎ Sable Radio

︎ Village Pop up @ Convention House

Marsh Lane Billboard Project

Programmed by Marion Harrison and Alan Dunn.

Words – Public art; art in public spaces, art in the public realm…

︎ Dominic from Luton

︎ Laura Grace Ford

︎ Sophie & Kerri

︎ Jessie Brennan

︎ Tara Colette

︎ Andy Edwards


What makes a creative space? How can it be imagined and then realised? And once it is, how can it be reimagined and remade? Continual reimagining and remaking seem essential for a space to be genuinely creative and for that creativity to be sustainable. The dynamic, energising and regenerative processes that might enable sustained creativity seem, in turn, to depend on collaboration and dialogue; a collaborative dialogue dependent, in turn, on a dialectic of conflict and co-operation.

No preconceived ideas. No fixed plans. Openness to challenge. Responsiveness. Taking responsibility. Sharing responsibility. Investing the time to build up and maintain relationships. Investing in the process without obsessing over the outcome.

Challenging the assumption that you are either a professional or an amateur – and that the two should not work together. Rejecting any idea that one is either a cultural producer or a cultural consumer rather than always both. Likewise recognising that a teacher is a learner and a learner can teach. And that creativity is part of everyday life and everyday life is creative.

Not making more spaces, but having access to the spaces that are there, and freely sharing that access.

A building with no doors. (This may or may not be a metaphor.) Windows that are also mirrors, looking outwards and reflecting back. Windows that are open, inviting scrutiny from the outside as well as observation from the inside.

Replacing full stops with question marks.